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Do you want a new puppy?
According to your own wishes, we will advise you from choosing the right breed for you down to all the preparation for his arrival.
Do you have any of these big plans?
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Tailor made coaching and private training

Do you want a strong bond with your dog?
How do I teach my dog to walk beside me?
How do I teach my dog the command DOWN?
How to socialise my dog?
How do I teach my dog to retrieve?
Help, my dog is a little thief.
My dog leaps. How can I break that habit?
My dog responds to the command SIT at home but during walks does not listen anymore.



How can I help my dog with his anxiety ?
How to learn my dog not to bite?
How to overcome my dog's fear, how do I start ?
My dog is fear of Men.
My dog is scared during the walk.
My dog is hyperactive.
How to handle my aggressive dog ?
Why does my leashed dog attack other dogs during the walk ?

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