Dog Walks

Therapeutic walks

Thanks to my experience as a dog coach and dog behaviorist, I mainly walk more difficult dogs. Dogs that need specific training because they pull on the leash, lash out/barking at other dogs, cyclists and joggers, are constantly busy with their environment and don't pay any attention to their owner, show fear of external stimuli, ...

During the therapeutic walks, we will train specifically for your dog, in function of his problem behavior and his needs.  It is also possible to follow and use your own training schedule (approach, commands, material,...).  Of course, this may not be in conflict with animal welfare. Under no circumstances will we use methods that are contrary to our vision.

We discuss beforehand the problem behavior, the training we will work out, the specific environments where we will train and what it will cost for you.  To already have an idea, you can take a look at prices here.


Private Walks

Not enough time to walk your four-legged friend or you are temporarly immobile? Or maybe your dog just needs a lot of exercise? It's not always easy to give our dogs enough physical challenge in the daily rush (work, children, hobbies,...)

Escape is happy to offer your dog(s) a nice walk. This can be in your own area or elsewhere, depending on your wishes.

We also give your dog the possibility to run free on our private (playing) field. This offers him the chance to fully live it up.