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Who doesn't love such small, sweet, cute puppies? Don't you immediately become happy at the sight of such an endearing puppy? Perhaps you have decided to adopt a puppy yourself. I would say fantastic news! I can't blame you. Every time I have the chance to adopt one, I have to turn my heart into stone. With three dogs in the house, our family is quite complete.

What I can still do is make you happy and help you with your search and preparation.
I don't have to tell you how important it is to adopt a puppy from a reputable breeder. Of course there are waiting lists and it can sometimes take a while before you can count yourself lucky. But if you think about it, this is actually not a bad thing. Because that way you have the time to optimally prepare for his arrival.

Anyone who has already raised a puppy knows that it is somewhat similar to the arrival of a baby. We sometimes have to adjust our house and contents, agree with our partner what education we are going to give him and what language we are going to use…

It is not much different with a puppy. We inform ourselves about upbringing and care, agree in advance with the family where he will sleep, eat, rules that must be applied, commands that we will learn and use...

Maybe it is your first puppy or dog and you would like some guidance, or maybe you just prefer to be personally guided and always have an answer to your questions instead of always having to look it up yourself.

We are happy to help you from A to Z according to your wishes.

Possible services :
  • Search for the ideal dog or breed for you or your family (https://tipaw.com/adoption)
  • Search for a reliable breeder (https://tipaw.com/adoption)
  • Guiding with choosing the right puppy in the litter according to the family
  • What preparations still need to be done at home or in the garden? How do you ensure that his return home is done in an optimal manner?
  • Learning to understand your dog by recognizing its body language. This is important for socialization and to create a bond of trust with your dog.
  • How to have a super bond with your puppy through play and positive training?
  • How can you communicate clearly with your dog? The clearer the communication, the faster he will learn. Setting boundaries is also important if you want your dog to see you as a good leader.
  • General care, healthy food and snacks.

And of course you can always contact us with all your questions!

Interested ?

Contact us and let us discuss all your needs.