Dog Paradise

How nice it is for your four-legged friend to be able to run loose, to play with friends, to chase balls, to explore,... and all this in a safe environment.  Without having to worry that your dog might run away, attack another dog or even be attacked.

If you want to train, track or play with your dog on a private meadow, our play paradise is the ideal location. You will have the playground all to yourself!

Play Paradise for Dogs

Discover an unique spot in the middle of nature where you can let your best friend going freely all the way

Would you like to meet with friends or family so that the children can play together, the dogs can romp around together and the parents can have a picnic, for example?  Then come to our play paradise.  The location to enjoy each other in all peace and quiet. Please only bring dogs together of which you are 100% sure that no incidents will happen.

Escapefarm is not responsible for accidents. (See general terms and conditions)

Between March and October you can rent our private dog meadow (by appointment only).  The meadow of about 26 acres is located in Meerbeek (Kortenberg) and fully fenced. If desired, agility equipment can also be rented.


Upon appointment only

 Dog Paradise

30 Min.

5 €

Dog Paradise

30 Min.

10 €

Rent Agility Materials

2 €

Interested ?

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