About me


My enormous love and passion for animals was there from an early age. We had a whole zoo at home, but nothing stopped me from bringing home found or hurt animals, caring for them and taking them in.

30 years later and we still have a small zoo at home and I still care for every little animal in need. My animals also get all my love and attention. So, I'm the proud owner of 3 dogs (a Jack Russell, a Romanian street dog and a Golden Retriever), cats, rabbits and chickens.

With Escapefarm I wanted to turn my passion into my profession, namely working with animals and especially taking care of their well-being, because that is what I love most.

After 13 years of being active as a medical representative, I made my dream come true. I have never been so happy.

And I would like to share that happiness with you.


Escape outside for a walk
Escape boredom with company
Escape from routine with play
Escape from negativity with trust
Escape from imbalance and go for well being

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