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price per hour

€ 50  (+km)

# 10 sessions : -10% korting

450€ + (km)

All prices include VAT. However, an extra charge of 0.35 cents/km will be charged on top at the price of € 0.45 / km. This travel allowance is calculated strarting from the centre of Meerbeek.
If you call upon our services on Sundays and public holidays, a surcharge of 25% of the total amount of the day's services will be invoiced.

This is also applicable to the 10 visits card.          

For the safety of the animals, we like to take a look at the health booklet and you must complete a questionnaire in advance. Also
you must be affiliated with a family insurance company beforehand.
When handing over a house key, a key agreement must be drawn up. 

* extra's: aids required to set up a situation in scene (ex. dog, walker, biker)

Our general conditions can be found here.